TI CC3200 Setup

This portion of the tutorial will help you get your CC3200 connected to the solution you have already deployed.


Hardware Setup

The CC3200 device is a complete platform solution including software, sample applications, tools, user and programming guides, reference designs, and the TI E2E™ support community. The device is available in a QFN package that is easy to layout.


Software Setup

You will need to install the CC3200 software.


Add a Device

Add your device to your product in Murano.

  1. In Murano select Products.

    image alt text

  2. Select your product.

  3. Select DEVICES.

    image alt text

  4. Click "+ NEW DEVICE."

    image alt text

  5. Add a device with a Name and Identity. The name can be any string to help remember which device it is. The Identity should be the MAC address of your CC3200.

Enable Serial Number which is the MAC Address of the Device

At this point, you will need to activate your device by executing a command.