Manage Your Business

Your Murano Business houses all the products and applications created by your organization and allows you to manage your account, user access, products, applications, billing and payments, and more.

Table of Contents

Business Management

  1. Once you have an active account and have logged in, you can navigate to the following URL to see your newly created business

  1. Click on your business to access your business page.
  2. Or, click the "+ NEW BUSINESS" button to create a new business.
  3. When on the Business page, click on the BUSINESS tab to access the Business Settings, Team, Billing, and Payments menus.

Business Settings

This is where you can find the name of your Business, as well as it's unique "Business ID". The Business ID is necessary when configuring Murano CLI, and is useful if there is a need to contact Exosite Support.


The Team section allows you to add new team members to your business, effectively giving them access to any Solutions created under that Business, as well as defining role-based access control for all team members.


Billing is where you can find what business tier your plan falls into, any Exchange purchases made within that business, your Account Balance, and the Billing Contact. This is also where you can add a Credit Card to use for Payments towards your account.


Clicking on the Payments tab will allow you to view a log of all Payments made toward your account.


Enterprise-tier businesses can create business networks to better manage and organize large-scale Murano deployments. See Manage Your Business Network for more information.