Adding Exchange Elements

This guide is designed to show you how to access Exchange in Murano and how to add and utilize Exchange elements in your Business Solution.

Exchange Access

All Murano v1.1-and-later accounts have been enabled with the Exchange feature. In your Business account, you should see a link to Exchange at the top of the screen next to the Help dropdown list. Click on the Exchange link to get started.

exchange access

Once you are on the Exchange page, you will see available Exchange elements represented as cards. Note that, depending on your account tier level, some services may not be available to you. Unavailable service cards will be grayed out, and you will be prompted to upgrade your account tier if you wish to access them.

exchange elements

Adding White Papers to Your Business

Within Exchange, you have the option of accessing white papers from your Business account. To access a white paper:

  1. Click on the card of the white paper you wish to access.

  2. On white paper's specific page, you can learn more about the paper's content. Click the orange "ADD" button and then "DOWNLOAD" if you wish to download this paper and save it to your Business account.

    white paper

  3. A new tab will open in your browser with the white paper PDF. You have also at this point created a quick-click access to this paper in your Business so you can return to it easily in the future.

Adding Service Elements to Your Business

Within Exchange, you can add pre-built service elements to your Business. To add a service:

  1. Click on the card of the service you wish to add.

  2. On the service's description page, you can learn more about the service offering. Click the orange "ADD SERVICE" button if you wish to add the service to your Business account.

    service element

  3. Upon clicking the button to add the service, the service is added to your Business account toolbox.

Adding Service Elements to Your Application or Product Solution

Once you have added an Exchange service element to your Business, you will now be able to use it in your Solution. For the purposes of this guide, you can follow the steps to add a service to an Application Solution.

  1. In Murano, click to open your Solution then navigate to the SERVICES page.

    services page

    NOTE: You should see some services already listed. These are the free "core" services that are included anytime you create a new Solution.

  2. To add additional services, click "+ NEW SERVICE" to access your toolbox. If you have already added service elements to your Business in Exchange, these services will be listed, and you can now add these elements to your Solution.

Check out the Manage Services guide to learn more about using services in your Solution.