Create a Solution

Murano Solutions allow developers to create and deploy custom Applications and API Services. Solutions combine three key things:

Web UI

To create a solution using the Web UI:

  1. From the Solutions tab (, click "+ NEW SOLUTION."

    new solution

  2. Select Start from scratch and click the "ADD" button.

    new solution

Once you have created a solution, you will need to find the Solution ID.

  1. In Murano select Solutions.

  2. Select the solution you just created.

  3. Copy the Solution ID on this page.

    solutions tab

Murano CLI

To create a solution using the Murano CLI:

$ murano solution create <name>

This command will return the ID of your solution for the next step.

Configure Your Solution

To configure Murano CLI to work with your newly created solution, use the config command of the Murano CLI tool.

$ murano config <solutionid>