Create a Product

The product you create is the virtual representation of the physical hardware and sensors that will send data to the Murano platform.

Web UI

To create a new product using the Web UI:

  1. Navigate to the following URL:

    new product

  2. Click on "+ NEW PRODUCT."

  3. Name your product. Note: your product name cannot contain any capital letters.

  4. Open the Choose starting point dropdown, select Start from scratch, and click the "ADD" button. In the next step you can use code to configure your product.

    new product

Before continuing, you will need to find the ID of the product you created.

  1. In Murano select Products.

  2. Select the product you just created.

  3. Copy the Product ID on this page.

    product id

Murano CLI

To create a new product using the Murano CLI:

$ murano product create <name>

This command will return the ID of your product for the next step.

Configure Your Product

To configure your product you can use the config command of the Murano CLI tool. This command tells Murano CLI which product to use.

$ murano config <productid>

Executing the command below will set the product definition for this example as defined in the specs/resources.yaml file.

$ murano syncup --specs

This command sets up all the data aliases in the spec file. You can now see them by going to and clicking the DEFINITION tab. These are all the different resources that will used by your hardware.