Create an Application

A Murano Application enables developers to create and deploy custom interfaces and API services. Applications combine three key features:

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Web UI

To create an Application Solution using the Web UI:

  1. On the Solutions page (, click "+ NEW SOLUTION" and select Add an Application from the dropdown menu that appears.

  2. Choose your domain name, select Start from scratch, and click the "ADD" button in the popup that appears.

Once you have created an application, you will need to find the Application ID.

  1. In Murano, select Solutions.

  2. Select the Application you just created.

  3. Near the top-left portion of the screen, click the ID button to copy the Solution ID to the clipboard.

Murano CLI

To create an application using the Murano CLI, you can use the murano init command, or you can create an application directly:

$ murano application create <name> --save

This command will return the ID of your new application. It will also save the ID to a local .murano/config file, so that your project will use this ID in the future.

Configure Your Application Manually

If you have already created an application, you can easily configure Murano CLI to use it using murano init, or you can enable it manually by adding it to the .murano/config:

$ murano config <application-id>