What is the Gatekeeper Service?

Gatekeeper helps your Murano applications integrate easily with third party service providers like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. It supports the authentication sequence for these services with OAuth operations of User Management Service. In short, it makes the job much easier when you want to use these third party services within your applications.

Also have a look to the Gatekeeper Service reference.

What Gatekeeper Service does

Supported Integration

How Gatekeeper Service works

How Gatekeeper Service works


In this section you will create a user in Murano. Then use that user to create an Oauth client. These will be required when you set up Gatekeeper service to work with any third party service (such as Alex, Google Home, and IFTTT).

  1. Create a user. Copy email and password, 5 and 6 in the screenshot below respectively. create-a-user
  2. Create an endpoint to return the user's id. create-an-endpoint-to-return-the-users-id
  3. Open API Explorer for the solution. open-api-explorer-for-the-solution
  4. Get the user's id. Copy id, 2 in the screenshot below. get-the-users-id
  5. Create an endpoint to create an OAuth client. id in 5 are id from the previous step. If you are allowing Alexa or IFTTT to authenticate, change name and redirect accordingly. Note: the redirect parameter used here must match the redirect parameter Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT pass to the login page URL. create-an-endpoint-to-create-an-oauth-client
  6. Open API Explorer for the solution. open-api-explorer-for-the-solution-2
  7. Create an OAuth client. Copy id and secret, 3 and 4 in the screenshot below respectively. create-an-oauth-client


Add Gatekeeper Service to your Business

Subscribe to Gatekeeper Service in Exchange for your Business. If you are not familiar with Murano’s Exchange Element, you can refer to this doc: Adding Exchange Elements.

Test Google OAuth integration with OAuth 2.0 Playground

Prerequisites: You will need to have the information obtained in the Preparation section above.

OAuth 2.0 Playground is a place for testing OAuth integration with Google Home. Seeing correct results here is the first step to ensure successful integration to Google Home.

  1. Copy login page URL and token URL, 4 and 5 in the screenshot below respectively. copy-login-page-url-and-token-url
  2. Configure OAuth 2.0 Playground. 3 and 4 are login page URL and token URL from the previous step. 5 and 6 are id and secret from Preparation step 7. Once the Authorise APIs button is clicked, you'll be redirected to the Gatekeeper service authorisation page. configure-oauth-20-playground
  3. Authorise OAuth 2.0 Playground. 1 and 2 are email and password from Preparation step 1. Once the Sign In button is clicked, you'll be redirected back to the OAuth 2.0 Playground. authorise-oauth-20-playground
  4. Exchange authorization code for tokens. exchange-authorization-code-for-tokens
  5. Refresh access token. You should see the Refresh token and the Access token refreshed. refresh-access-token
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully made OAuth 2.0 Playground authenticate with the Gatekeeper Service.