Mobile Applications Quickstart

In this quickstart, you will walk through the key steps to develop and demo a functional mobile app with Murano’s cloud service.


This quickstart is designed for developers with some basic knowledge of mobile and web app development.

Protocol and API design


JSON Format

Programming Languages and Frameworks

Ionic 2

Note: Ionic is a frontend mobile framework based on the Angular 2 framework, and Angular is based of Typescript, so if you have some knowledge of the these two languages will be helpful.


Hardware Setup

Software Setup

Getting Started

Develop the Mobile App

  1. Set up basic IDE and SDK to enable your iOS or Android platform to compile mobile app.
1. git clone []( <YourNameHere>/ionic2-example.git

2. npm install

3. ionic platform add ios

4. ionic run ios

Note: If you want to develop the app with an Android device, change the command to "ionic run android".

  1. If you have not already done so, Create a Solution in Murano.

  2. In your Murano solution, click on the SERVICES tab (1), select the service Device, click the gear icon to open Configuration (2), select your product (3), and click the "APPLY" button (4).

image alt text

  1. Click on the ROUTES tab to open the four default end points.

    a. The end point GET /development/testshows a demo message.

image alt text

b. The end point `GET /development/device/data/{identifier}/{window}` shows device temperature and humidity.

image alt text

Demo the Mobile App

  1. Demo a button that will call API to trigger a prompt: "Hello World!"

Note: This message can be customized and quickly updated on the solution.

image alt text

  1. Show real-time data on the cloud (humidity, temperature).

image alt text