ExositeReady™ Gateway Engine - Docs

ExositeReady™ Gateway Engine (GWE) is designed to be a custom application hosting framework.

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Key Features

As discussed in the README below, there are a number of key features that make GWE a valuable proposition for any IoT solution.

Application Hosting

GWE uses the open source [supervisord] project to provide the following features to the application hosting environment on a gateway:

In addition to what Supervisor provides, GWE provides the following features to a hosted Custom Gateway Application:

OTA Application Management

GWE was designed to install and update applications over the air. For more information on building Custom Gateway Application tarballs see the GWE README page on Hosted Applications.

OS/Filesystem Metadata Collection

GWE reports several datapoints every time its update interval lapses. Some of the data in these reports include:

Exosite Device API Client

GWE is always built and installed with the device-client library.

Bandwidth Telemetrics (Beta)

The log of all requests made with the device-client library is queried and statistics are reported to the usage_report dataport.


For detailed information on how to build or install gateway-engine: