Murano Custom Development Gear

Advanced business accounts can build custom application solutions and IoT Connectors on the Murano Platform.

IMPORTANT: This page targets Advanced Exosite Accounts.

If your account doesn't display discussed features, please upgrade your Exosite account tier.

Customizing Off-the-Shelf Applications

Micro-verticals Applications provided by Exosite such as Exohome & Exosense do not enable change the solution code, scripting, etc to avoid any breaking changes. Reach our support for more information.

Keep in mind that if you manage the device connectivity, you make any advanced data manipulation in the IoT-Connector itself.

What is a Murano Solution

A solution is a Cloud software hosted on Murano. It handles data from devices or end-users.

It contains a set of scripting logic and micro-services configuration.

Murano Solution

Both Murano Applications & IoT-Connector are solutions with a different set of scripts & configuration.

Murano micro-services provides operations and events which can be consumed by the solution scripting logic.

Murano is an event-based system. This means the scripting logic execution is always triggered by an incoming event. Events are always emitted by a micro-service configured for the solution.

To start on Murano development we suggest you to get familiar with the various components from the Murano solution page.

Create a blank application

First follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Murano Exchange marketplace and search for 'Application from scratch' template.

App from scratch

  1. Click on the Create Application button and give a name & domain (Be careful the domain is globally unique).

App Creation

  1. Done! You will see the new entry on the Application list. Click on it to access the management page.

Solution Management page

The Murano User Interface provides an interactive way to manage and update a solution.

For IoT-Connector Products only:

Get Started

Go through the Getting Started guide and refer to below link for more details.

The Scripting reference

The next step is to discover the capabilities provided by the Murano services.

The Micro-Services reference

Also see the services guides for concrete usage examples. And if you want to integrate another 3rd party API refer to:

Add your own Micro-Service

From this point you are ready to have a look to our Application Quickstart for a full end-to-end example. Then get your development environment ready with the tools presented in next section.

The Tools

Once you know the basic, there is 3 different ways to do development on Murano:

1. On the UI editor

Suitable for quick tests, learning & troubleshooting. Create an endpoint return some values, have fun. Check out the above link for the different sections tutorials. Once you are familiar with the system you probably should consider using one of the following development method.

2. Murano-Cli

The Murano-Cli enables you to develop on your local computer using your favorite IDE and when ready push your code live to Murano.

3. Murano Solution Template & Github CICD

In most cases you should set in place state-of-the-art development & practices with our seamless Murano Github Template & CICD integration

A few guides for some common development case.