Libraries & Examples

Exosite provides device libraries, regularly tested demo and reference code, and other examples.

Device Libraries

sdk One Platform C Library as a part of Embedded SDK
arduino Arduino Exosite Library
pyonep One Platform Python Library
node-onep One Platform Node Library
cpponep One Platform C++ Library
javaonep One Platform Java Library
goonep One Platform Go Library

Reference Code, Demos, and Examples

Exosite has provided reference code for or worked with partners on a number of hardware platforms, development kits, and open source platforms. Information on these may be found below and in Exosite Garage.

Hardware Platform Examples, Demos, and Reference Code
arduino Arduino Examples
Microchip Microchip Hardware Platform Support
Texas Instruments Texas Instruments Hardware ExositeReady Code
MultiTech MultiTech Hardware Platform Support
Qualcomm Qualcomm Hardware Platform Support
Synapse Wireless Synapse Wireless Hardware Platform Support
Renesas Renesas Hardware Platform Support
Gainspan Gainspan Hardware Platform Support
Broadcom Broadcom Hardware Platform Support

Support and Inquiries

The developer forum is the best place to get and find help.