Exchange Overview

Exosite's Exchange feature in Murano is a marketplace with a curated library of reusable, interoperable, and secure IoT elements that can be used to build, extend, and inform your IoT Solutions. These elements consist of Services (Pre-Built Elements) and Exosite's White Papers (Informational Content).


Exchange Elements

Pre-Built Elements

Exchange’s proven, tested elements provide design patterns, pre-built applications, integrations, and templates for secure IoT development. Exosite’s elements are more than a suggestion or template, they are time-saving, value-adding services that can be immediately used to build or extend your IoT Solution.

Custom Elements

In addition to the publicly available elements, businesses can create and share elements within their own private Exchange. These custom elements help internal resources quickly develop their applications using pre-approved brand standards, security requirements, industry-specific insights, device-specific protocols, and IT-specific integrations.

Mosaic Approach

Exchange can be combined with Exosite’s Mosaic process, an IoT business framework for building a centralized connected-product strategy, to develop custom elements needed for success.