Applications in Murano

As is discussed in the Data Flow article, Murano internally represents real-world IoT components as the concepts of Connected Products, Applications, and Integrations.

Murano Components

Application Solutions in Murano are the way in which you can enable your end users to monitor, interact with, and receive value from your connected products.

Connected Applications

Check out the following pages to learn more about Working with Applications.

Micro-Verticals Applications

Exosite end-to-end solutions enables you to get plug-&-play, white-labeled, all integrated experience for cases specific verticals.


Industrial IoT management flexible dashboards & advance role controls.


End-User Smart device management through mobile app.


You need to change your data-model, connect to a 3rd party API or build your own IoT application?

All are possible, learn how on our development documentation page

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